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    Floors Screw piers can be used in place of regular stumps for slab installations. What are screw piers? Screw piers (also known as screw piles) are a great alternative to using traditional concrete piering. The piers are long steel tubes with a screw head at one end which is screwed into the ground. The other […] Read More
    Raft concrete slab This is the simplest and most common slab construction. It consists of a 100mm or thicker steel reinforced concrete slab integrated with steel reinforced concrete beams founded into the bearing soil for strength and support. The raft concrete slab provides great flexibility and strength on most soil classes and site conditions. Waffle […] Read More
    ONE of the country’s Big Four banks has predicted house prices will slow next year but ruled out any sharp correction, saying only a major economic shock could trigger a downward spiral. National Australia Bank today lifted its residential house price forecast for 2016 – from 1.5 per cent to 5.1 per cent – but […] Read More
    Headlines demand that we are facing over-supply, and that developers are pulling back on apartments, yet vacancy rates remain manageable and rents are holding up in most markets. What is happening is an increase in cost per apartment at the same time as demand, and sales prices reducing. read more Read More