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    Health & Safety

    Campbell Scott Group Pty Ltd recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors and employees of contractors, clients and visitors to site.  This commitment extends to ensuring that operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

    Our WHS objective is to actively work towards elimination of injuries and fatalities.  Our target is to remain injury and incident free.


    Management are committed to:

    • Integrating WHS into all aspects of Campbell Scott Group Pty Ltd operations
    • Compliance with legislative requirements, current industry standards and co-operation with Regulatory bodies, as far as is reasonable.
    • Exceeding legislative requirements and aiming for best practice systems of work
    • Measurable targets to ensure continued improvement reflected in accountability/key performance indicators at all levels.
    • Provision and maintenance of a work environment that is safe and without risks to health.
    • Consultation with employees and other parties to improve decision-making on WHS and environmental matters.
    • Development, implementation and review of written safe work procedures
    • Distribution and communication of safety information and safe work procedures
    • Information, training and supervision to workers contractors, clients and visitors to ensure safety
    • Support and assist employees in effective injury management and rehabilitation.
    • Review and assessment of WHS policies

    Employees are expected to:

    • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others at work;
    • Co-operate with Campbell Scott Group Pty Ltd to enable compliance with WHS legal obligations
    • Participate in consultative arrangements
    • Assist management to meet WHS targets/key performance indicators
    • Participate in return to work programs