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    Campbell Scott Group are Queensland’s property experts offering a complete solution from the construction of new homes, investment properties and developments, through to Project
    Management, Sales and Marketing Services and even Property Management and Body Corporate Services:

    Our operating model focuses our skills, experience and expertise into dedicated businesses delivering services in construction, real estate, project management, body corporate management and property development. CSG  is comprised of the following core businesses:

    • Campbell Scott Homes Pty Ltd – A residential construction company ;
    • Results Property Management & Results Property Marketing – A residential real estate company ;
    • Pacific Body Corporate Services Pty Ltd – A body corporate management company ;
    • Pacific Developments & Construction Pty Ltd – a developer and investor in  Private Partnerships projects built by Campbell Scott Homes

    CSG has developed a multitude of capabilities in construction, real estate, property development, body corporate management and engineering. These capabilities are in demand throughout the Brisbane.

    The Group’s focus is on improving project delivery (with a clear focus on cash, profitability and sustainability) and on the development of its core business.




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